Sicuro Bottle Cages

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into the Development of the Sicuro Cage.

Cutting Edge Technology

  • The Sicuro bottle cage is handmade at our facility in Indianapolis. 
  • Aerospace grade titanium is used to build the Sicuro Cage for an incredible weight-to-strength ratio. 
  • Follow the journey of the Sicuro cage for a unique behind the scenes view of the creation of a cage using laser beam welding. 

Key Features

  • The Sicuro Cage has went through extensive weld and fatigue testing. 
  • Testing will be taking place at Dirty Kanza and Grinduro.
  • Join us to witness the proven durability first hand. 

Extensive Testing Program

  • Many cages are not one size fit all, this does not apply to the Sicuro cage.
  • The Sicuro cage has been uniquely engineered to fit all applications.
  • Designed with an adjustable eyelet to accommodate any frame geometry that is thrown at it. 

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