SILCA Holiday Gift Guide

What Gifts Cyclists Really Want For the Holidays

Gifts for the New Cyclist

Shopping for a new cyclist might be one of the hardest to shop for. They are typically really excited about their newfound love of the bike, but maybe don't know exactly what they want or need to make their experience on the bike a little bit better. In our experience this riders isn't looking for the highest tech item that they might not know how to use or the fastest new set of wheels. Those might be the next step down the road.

Gifts for Home

The best gifts for the new cyclist in your life are the things that might open their eyes to a whole new world of the sport, of their bike, etc.

One big item that we love to suggest to new riders is our T-Ratchet + Ti-Torque Kit. It comes with just about every bit you might need to do minor repairs on your bike at home. It also comes with the all important torque wrench.

New riders in particular are at risk of overtightening or undertightening bolts on their bike that can lead to severe damage to the bike. This easy to use torque wrench ensures that all of the bolts on the bike are torqued perfectly so their bike stays showroom perfect for years to come.

Gifts for the Road

Another great option for the newer cyclist in your life is to make sure they have high quality options should they ever have a flat or mechanical on the road or trail. They will typically want to have a seat pack, multi-tool, tire levers, and a CO2 regulator that actually works! We have a great collection of items that fit that bill and make the perfect gifts for these new cyclists.

Gifts For The Bike Racer

So you have a bike racer that you want to gift some items to, but what do these lycra clad weekend warriors really want? Usually something to help them go a little bit faster is key. There are a few really great gift items that fit into this category. We have the most comfortable Aero Socks in the world. They can help save a few watts for the next race and don't have some of the typical issues that other aero socks might have.

If socks don't sound like a fun enough gift, we have also seen countless bike racers be introduced to the world of waxing their chain. It not only helps them go a little bit faster, but keeps their bike cleaner, makes their components last longer, and the bike can be quieter. It really is an all around win. We have worked hard to create an easy to use system that makes chain waxing easier than ever. You can start with Chain Stripper to remove all the factory grease, Secret Chain Blend to wax the chain, and Super Secret to top up between treatments. We also have plenty of information on our YouTube Channel or other blog posts on how to go through that process.

Gifts For the Bike Mechanic

If the cyclist in your life loves to spend their time tinkering in the garage, is always adjusting this or cleaning that we could classify them as the bike mechanic. They typically appreciate the high quality tools that let them do all this tinkering with the highest quality products. Our favorites are the HX-One Home and Essentials Kit and the T-handle Folio.

HX-One is a high quality Swiss S2 Tool Steel in a beautiful wooden case that makes the kit equally comfortable on the coffee table and the garage. They are an absolute joy to use and will be the enve of all of their cycling friends. The T-Handle Folio is the perfect kit for the rider who loves to build up their own bikes, do more in depth projects, and appreciates the quality tools. The T portion of the tools slide to make reaching any bolt as easy as possible.

Gifts for the Cyclist Who Has Everything

If you are looking for a gift for the cyclist that has everything, they likely are very passionate about their bike and taking care of it. If that is the case our Bike Care Box Set is the perfect way for them to give their bike a day at the bike spa!

It comes with everything they need to make sure their bike (or lets be honest, if they fall in this group it is probably multiple bikes) they will want to make sure they are running squeaky clean all the time. From Drivetrain and Disc Brake cleaner, to a Bike Wash, and Graphene infused protective wax it is the perfect gift for those cyclists who really are hard to find gifts for. We also have each individual cleaner available on its own.

Gift giving for cyclists can be difficult, but it really doesn't need to be. High quality items that will ultimately elevate their experience while riding their bike are an easy win. There are plenty of other options, but this list is just our favorite gifts for cyclists are various levels.

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