Replenishing Your Tubeless Sealant

Replenishing Your Tubeless Sealant

The old adage of all good things come to an end rings true.  No latex sealant is going to be a set it and forget it forever situation.  Making sure that you stay on top of the maintenance of your tubeless set up will make sure that you keep riding instead of being stuck trail side fixing that pesky puncture that would have otherwise sealed.  

Adding Ultimate Tubeless Sealant w/Fiberfoam

You can always add more Ultimate Tubeless Sealant w/Fiberfoam instead of the replenisher, it will just require a quick popping of the bead.  Deflate the tire entirely, use a tire lever to remove a small portion of the tire near the valve, add the recommended amount of sealant to replenish your tire, reinstall the bead of the tire, and inflate.

Adding Sealant Replenisher through the valve

  1. Deflate the tire
  2. Remove the valve core – use a valve core tool to remove the valve core
  3. Rotate the wheel – Move the valve to the 4 O’Clock position to allow the sealant a place to easily go down without clogging the valve.
  4. Draw the recommended amount of sealant into a sealant injector
  5. Press the hose of the injector over the valve with the core removed
  6. Slowly inject the recommended amount of sealant into the tire allowing it to pool at the bottom of the tire
  7. Repeat as necessary to meet recommended amount of sealant
  8. Reinstall valve core with core tool ensuring it is snug
  9. Inflate to desired pressure

Sealant Chart

Sealant Use Chart


  • Mark Deal

    How do I find out how much sealent to put in my tyres.

  • Travis Verhoff

    @Alex, every 3 months is a good rule of thumb. Like you outlined, some environments might be a little more or a little less.

  • Alex

    What are the intervals between replenshment?
    No doubt air leakage & ambient temps of the wheel/tyre are dependant factors.

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