Ask Josh Anything #002

Ask Josh Anything #002

Q&A Episode 2 -

In this Q&A episode of Marginal Gains, Josh answers questions about whether front and rear tires should have symmetric or asymmetric air pressure (and why). We dig into whether no-name Chinese handlebars and wheels are a good deal, or just cheap (and why). Josh analyzes the ongoing thread at Slowtwitch that shows little Crr difference between 23, 25, 28 and 32mm tires. Josh answers why pros are (still!) sticking with tubulars. And there's more. So much more (including — weirdly — that both Hottie and Fatty talk about how Silca and this podcast are beginning to affect their respective marriages).

Interesting Links, Sources, and Additional Reading From this Episode

Chung Method: The original paper

Tom Anhalt's sensitivity testing of Chung

Abraham Olano winning '95 worlds on a flat tubular

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