Indoor Cycling Collection

Inspired by the growing popularity (and increased enjoyment) of indoor riding, the Indoor Collection from SILCA has been developed with input from pro athletes, mechanics, our customers, and of course, our own experiences.  

The Challenges:

  • Indoor cycling creates more of a corrosion and equipment risk to your bicycle than outdoor riding, even wet outdoor riding 
  • Aluminum components are just as affected by sweat and corrosion as steel ones, and for some thin walled parts such as handlebars
  • Hard to replace components such as headsets and bottom brackets can be completely ruined in as little as 100 hours of sweaty indoor riding
  • Expensive smart trainers and grade simulators contain sensitive electronics, motors and bearings which can be damaged or destroyed by prolonged contact with sweat
  • Indoor riding can be as much as 2x more likely to result in chafing, hotspots or saddle sores
  • Indoor riding sees more hand pressure and related hand and wrist pain due to riders changing position less frequently

The Solutions:

Sweat and corrosion:  SILCA Hirobel Gear Wipes

  • Gear wipes contain 5 different alcohols, each with targeted cleaning power to completely remove sweat, drink mix, lubricants, dirt and more from your bike, smart trainer, and accessories
  • Wipes use only cosmetic grade ingredients, are approved for skin contact and leave NO residue
  • 1 Canister of wipes contains 110 large wipes, each with enough cleaning power to clean your entire indoor setup after even the sweatiest workout

Chafing, Hotspots, Saddle Sores: SILCA Harsh Conditions Chamois Cream

  • Created especially for us by the brilliant minds at Mad Alchemy specifically for wet and indoor conditions!
  • Inspired by one of our ProTour friends doing Zwift/Wahoo events after he commented that a 2 hour Zwift race was harder on his undercarriage than the Tour of Flanders
  • Riders move less in the saddle indoors and the chamois tends to be significantly wetter leading to conditions for more rapid skin breakdown
  • Developed for maximum staying power and lubrication with the highest levels of Tea Tree and Eucalyptus oils which are anti-bacterial and anti-fungal
  • Has nearly the staying power of a wax based cream with the ease of washing from skin and clothing of water based cream: leaves NO residue on clothing!

Hand and wrist pressure/discomfort/Slipping: Nastro Fiore Handlebar Tape

  • Originally developed for the harshest outdoor riding conditions, NASTRO retains 90% of it's dry grip when wet: no more slippery bars!
  • Special foam developed for 2 hour marathon running shoes has very low damping to provide both excellent cushioning AND excellent support
  • Up to 2x more cushioning than tapes of similar thickness
  • NASTRO is extremely hydrophobic, SILCAthane TPU layer of tape is completely non-porous so that it will not absorb or hold sweat, this reduces corrosion risk of handlebars and brake levers
  • Incredibly dense polymer structure of SILCAthane TPU resists bacteria and fungal growth while remaining exceptionally quick and easy to clean

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