Ask Josh Anything #005

Ask Josh Anything #005

Q&A Episode 5 -

In this Q&A episode of the show that makes a big deal about the little things (and how those little things can be a big deal), we try to stump Josh with questions like: Do stiff shoes matter? What's the point of hookless rims? What benefits does steel have over carbon? What's the weight vs aero tipping point? Are 23mm tires dead? Is graphene tire content anything but marketing hand-waving? Do integrated visors have real benefits over sunglasses? And what's the right way to wear a cycling cap?

Got a question you’d like to ask Josh? Text or leave a voicemail at the Marginal Gains Hotline: +1-317-343-4506 or just leave a comment in this post!

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  • Siep

    Hi! I have a ffwd ceramicspeed 5 spoke as my front wheel on the TT setup. While this sounds superfast, the outer diameter of the wheel is 19mm and the tubelar 22mm gp4000 laying on there sits as a 22,5/23mm tire. I don’t want to go narrower with my narrower with my tire so here’s my question. How much of an influence does the 105 rule have? Would a 50mm carbon wheel with the 105 rule be faster? Only looking at aerodynamics

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